Lauriston Castle

Lauriston Castle, Edinburgh, Edinburgh and the Lothians Located only a little over three miles from the centre of Edinburgh, Lauriston Castle overlooks the Firth of Forth and enjoys a spectacular view across the Firth to the Fife coast and to the mountains of Perthshire beyond.

The castle retains its historic policy, or enclosed park, which was formed during the mid-nineteenth century from a portion of the original estate (first recorded in the Exchequer Rolls of 1290). The historic garden was also laid out at this time.

The oldest part of the castle, a Scottish fortified tower house, dates from the 1590s, and was built for Sir Archibald Napier, father of the famous mathematician and inventor of Logarithms, John Napier. Over the following centures the castle changed hands on several occasions and was the home of a number of notable Scots, including John Law. He was a remarkable character and brilliant financier, who rose to power in France under the patronage of the Duc D'Orleans, Regent of the infant Louis XV, becoming controller general of the finances of France.

Lauriston Castle, Edinburgh and the Lothians uk Castles open to the public


2a Cramond Road South
Davidson's Mains
Edinburgh and the Lothians

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